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Who is Dawn?

Hi. I am Lakisha Dawn Askins. The founder and coach of Renewed Dawn Wellness. I am a mother of four children and a primary care giver for my disabled mother since 2012. I myself was the first client of Renewed Dawn Wellness. I (just like many) lost myself when my life became secondary to my responsibilities. But I decided to put in the work to identify the best version of myself, because who I was entertaining daily was not the version of me that I considered my true self. Reinvention of yourself can seem like an impossible task but it can absolutely be done. With proper planning, guidance, and tools you can become your ideal self. I now am an author of two novels. I am a playwright with three stage plays all written, produced, and directed by me. I have a self-published music album, along with several children’s animations. And in the fall of 2021, I released my very first independent film. But, I didn’t stop there. I am now a Reiki Master along with a Transformational Life Coach. When you chose to come to Renewed Dawn Wellness you chose to gain more than textbook knowledge of how to become a new version of yourself, you chose to be coached by someone who can come with years of experience in reinvention, and I will work diligently alongside you to ensure you walk away knowing who and why you are.

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